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YOUYI has been engaged in the R&D and manufacture of music instrument including digital piano, electric piano keyboard, etc. since 1998. In addition, we produce all kinds of piano accessories like sustain pedal for renowned pianos such as YAMAHA piano. So far, our electronic musical instrument has been exported to many countries around the world such as America, Britain, Germany, Italy, etc. The annual output of YOUYI electronic piano is up to 15000 pieces, and the keyboard 50000 pieces. With rich experience in electronic instrument for piano, we can offer you professional digital piano classroom solution and appropriate purchase solution. YOUYI is worthy of your trust.

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Main products
    1. DK-100A 88-key Digital Piano

      The digital pianoforte is designed with natural weighted hammer action keyboard that allows players to enjoy the same experience as playing the traditional piano. Different weights created by the hammer action on each key enable you to feel matched ...

    1. DK-190 Rosewood Digital Piano

      Double keyboard function can be achieved. Specifically, the whole keyboard can be divided into two parts which can be set up with same voice, thus making great contribution to teaching double person
      Metronome is built in the digital piano, by which you can build ...

    1. DK-200B Digital Piano with LCD Display

      The DK-200B digital piano with LCD display is perfectly designed with a function selection panel on which a large high precision LCD display is installed to clearly show the specific function and parameters. Through this panel, you can directly select needed function and ...

    1. PK-1000 Digital Piano with Wood Grain Finish

      As a high quality piano and a delicate home furnishing art as well, this electric and electronic keyboard instrument comes with superior DREAM sound source, authentic sampling voices, advanced power amplifier system, premium speakers, etc.

    1. P-21 Portable Digital Piano

      Rich and excellent performance of the P-21 portable digital piano is reflected on each key. To keep more compact and brief, we remove all functional keys but remain simple operation. Voices and other needed functions can be easily selected.

    1. TB1-10 Sustain Pedal

      The pedal tongue comes with metal polishing and electroplating treatment. This damper pedal is typically characterized by polarity reversing switch which makes you unnecessary to take the polarity difference of different pianos into consideration.